Meet our Hair Shop Team

Meet our Hair Shop Team

Sarah Franklin

Plenty of experience in all aspects of hairdressing, especially colouring and cutting. Infamous for her 'inventive ' fringes and turn the clock back highlights and lowlights....Interests are many and varied but if you fancy a good chat about the remedies for powdery mildew and the latest must visit art exhibition then Sarah's your stylist.

Rachael Milne

Alford wouldn't be Alford without this Goddess of the hairdressing world. Her attention to detail is bordering on obsession but this is oh so important when one wants the perfect head of high-lights in the most flattering of shades. When not at work Rachael will probably be glued to the Moto GP or playing an air guitar to her favourite rock bands with a bandana round her heidy. When she has a moustache on she doesnt half look like her brother!

Annabella MacDougall

She is like the proverbial Tonsorial Boomerang. Some folk tread grapes in the Dordogne, work on a Kibbutz for a summer or spend a year helping small villages in Tazbekistan with building water supplies. Annabel has just spent a year and a half yoking her shears on the balmy north coast of Scotland in Elgin.(Some of them have palm trees in their gardens so we are led to believe.)Now due to popular demand she is back in Alford working with us which means that we must be the nice, fun, reasonable, easy to get on with crowd that we have always believed ourselves to be. So disregard anything unpleasant and salacious that you may hear to the contrary whilst having a pint at the local.

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